FreeBSD – install phpipam

Quick guide on how to install phpipam on FreeBSD. I will assume that you know how to install FreeBSD 🙂

Remember to have a freshly updated server and use sudo instead of directly root access.

Configure mysql

We won’t do any tuning to mysql, just create a user and database and lets go.

Configure phpipam

Get phpipam and put in www dir. Use git to get code, this will also make it easier for version updates later on.

Updating phpipam

Finish up by opening the web interface and follow upgrade procedure.

Configure nginx

Make nginx start on boot and backup the original config. We will then add our own.

After we now have the backup, lets add the content beneath to nginx.conf.

Configure PHP/FPM

Lets make a production ini file and afterwards setup php-fpm config file.

Open the file /usr/local/etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf and uncomment the following lines.


We have now installed all the required components, you should now reboot the server and check if all the services is coming up automatically. If so you can proceed and access the web interface of your new phpipam installation. Then follow the guide on how to get setup.