APC 7920 PDU Console

Short post – needed to reset password on a APC PDU. Only way to do this was getting a console cable, of cause this cable is a proprietary cable of APC and not within my reach when you need it.

So found the pinout and did a little DIY. Pinout is as in the table

APC RJ12 PinDB9 Pin
1 Not used1
2(GND) Yellow5 (GND)
3 Green2 (RX)
4 Red3 (TX)
5 (GND) White5 (GND)
6 Not used1

RJ12 pluged into PDU and connected to jump wires. White and yellow is GND. Green
DB9 male console cable. White is GND pin5. Gray is TX pin3. Black is RX pin2.

Press and hold the reset button of the APC PDU. Wait for Orange LED to blink and press reset again. Check console for login each sec. When it respons you have 30 sec to login with apc/apc and reset the password.

Jesper Ramsgaard